Consulting Services

Consulting • Building • Creating • Integrating • Training 
integrating your goal, your message, your audience, your tools, a process and an action plan to help your business grow

what we do

  • We consult and troubleshoot
    • are you losing members because of staff issues, because you don’t have a retention plan, because you don’t know how to reach the young professionals, because you aren’t offering what you have in the right way?
      • where membership is concerned, you can always do better
  • We train and empower your membership team and staff to communicate better with members
    • what your members want and need should – happily and constantly – be first and foremost in the mind of every employee
      • are only a few people understanding this; are conflicts in the office affecting this; do you just want tips on how to get better?
  • We tailor your benefits so they sell – and so your members sell them to future members
    • your members want more than a list of goodies – we show you how to make that list come alive
      • lists, lists, lists – is this really the only way to present these benefits; and do you have more benefits than you realize?
  • We train you on how to build invaluable, members’ only content 
    • you have valuable, yet stagnant content and you need more exciting content
      • where does this information reside (consider your usability and your server space, too)
  • We tailor your Member’s Only section
    • your members need a place within the membership to call home so they keep coming back and back, again and again.
      • do your members feel they own their area; are they evangelists for the membership; are they empowered enough that they cannot stop talking about the membership?
  • Social Media for Member’s Only
    • have you been afraid to let the members speak?
      • is there a way to keep the integrity of the membership intact, but allow members to speak freely?
  • We help you create guidelines
    • do your members know which staff member to contact; do they how to get involved; do they understand how to share the message?
      • guidelines are a roadmap to sucess

what we do

  • We consult and troubleshoot 
    • is your website really working for you? are you stuck with what you have, but need to make it better; do you need an alternative while you wait for results from your RFP?
      • your website should be a living, breathing entity that works for you
  • We develop within your budget
    • do you really need a custom template; do you need help on deciding which tool to use (CMS – Content Management System, e.g., WordPress, Joomla, Drupal)?
      • is there a way to save tens of thousands of dollars using and tweaking what is out there – on a website everyone can use?
  •  We integrate everything
    •  are your archives, your business documents, your news, your social media all working together?
      • every single bit of content – visual or written – should be accessible and lead your user to want to click to do something next
  •  We help you create guidelines
    • do you have a plan; do you have old content that needs to be updated; do you have new employees, new board members, etc., constantly coming on board and you don’t want to rebuild the engine?
      • guidelines just make the job easier

Social Media
what we do

  • We consult and troubleshoot
    • what platforms should you use, how should you use them or are you simply afraid of social media – fearing it will leach integrity from your business
      • Social Media today IS what sells your business – and it’s more than just sharing cat videos
  • We create integrated Social Media packages tailored to your business
    •  does Social Media seem daunting to you
      • Social Media is one of the most rewarding components of a business – using it and seeing the results!
  • We help create guidelines 
    • are you using Social Media haphazardly; are you using all the platforms without a plan or a process in place – or worse, are you carefully boring?
      • Social Media should be alive with exciting information and click-here action!

Visual Content
what we do

  • We consult and troubleshoot
    • are you spending as much time on the visuals as you are the content? 
      • You’ve got the chicken, you’ve got the butter, you’ve got the spices – what are we going to do with it?  How do you want it to look?  Who is the audience for this visual and what’s the action plan? This is an area where almost every business is weak – and yet is the most important component to any message. Without the correct visuals, you’ve lost a huge percentage of visitors because they won’t even think to knock on the door.
  • We train you how to use visuals 
    • what’s in infographic, how do you make a video without costing big dollars?
      • Consistency is key – and building your message within a visual will grow your business exponentially
  • We help you create guidelines
    •  whether you need to hire someone or use staff, there should be specifics set in place so your message is consistent, attractive and sells
      • With tailored guidelines, your messages will be understood immediately – before a word is even read

Written Content
what we do

  • We consult and troubleshoot
    • Do you have too much content or not enough; content that is too long or stagnant; content that does not deliver your message or growing your business?
      • we analyze what you have, listen to what you need and make the fix
  • We teach you how to develop content
    • do you need to understand how to develop content that is easily accessible and understood; content that fits your audience’s need?
      • writing content can be so much easier than many think, and many who don’t write content can still help produce it.
  • We help you create guidelines
    • do you have lengthy documents that aren’t accessible or easy to understand; or that aren’t presented consistently?
      • writing guidelines ensures your message stays on point.
  • Newsletters
    •  are you reaching all your members, but feel there might be more you can do?
      • newsletter can be dull or great – considered to be an old way of getting your message across or just to much trouble, but, in fact, newsletters are still a wonderful way to produce easy, informative content