What Makes Us Different

We Have Solutions

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Tailored to Your Individual Issues

We Help You Create Unique, Integrated Content, Expertly Delivered and Assessed, Keeping an Eye on Your Dollar.

Although we do offer to create the content for you, but our real goal is to teach you and your team how to create your own, unique content in order to:

  • get your branding into your team’s mind – and into the mind of your visitors – with every message created and sent, and
  • to do this seamlessly, so that you can stop spending money excessively.  Often that expensively developed website, that over-charged monthly software tool, those extra employees simply are not needed.

What makes us different is that we take a holistic, integrated, budget-focused approach, where all content focuses on the following most important aspects of any message:

  1. What is your message?
  2. What is/are the ultimate purpose or purposes of your message?
  3. Who is/are the audience for this message?
  4. Do you have the contact information for your needed audience?
  5. Do you have competition for this message, and, if so, what part of your message stands out from that competition?
  6. What tool or tools will you need to deliver your message?
  7. How will the message be tailored for that tool?
  8. Who, on your team, will be in charge of creating the messages?
  9. Who, on your team, will be in charge of delivering the messages?
  10. Who, on your team, will be in charge of assessing how the messages were received?

Then we assess and revisit until you have everything and everyone working to create the right communication for your business.

Creating unique content can be an enjoyable task that allows your entire team – yes, even the receptionist – to own their work in a rewarding way. Your employees spend 1/3rd of their life behind desks you own – and working to create together as a team will have at least the majority of your employees happy to get behind those desks each morning! When people make content – be it in writing articles, blog posts, social network posts, or filming videos, or illustrating graphics, or taking photos – they become owners of that message. That makes them proud and will make them want to be the best they can be.

Over-the-top content (OTT) is content that is delivered via written communication, audio, video, visuals, etc., over the Internet, and in the control of you, the distributor. We take this a step further and 1) make it unique (there is just too much repurposed content out there!), and 2) we assess to see if you need printed or physical material to complement your Internet work.